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Smart Previews

Using Lightroom's Smart Previews

The newest version of Adobe's Photoshop Lightroom (5, 6, and CC) allow for compressed previews of RAW images to be embedded directly into the catalog. This allows a full selection of RAW, non-destructive editing to be done without actually having the original images. This fancy trick means you only need to send the catalog and smart previews, which are 18x smaller than the actual images. What's better than uploading your images in 5% of the time it used to take? Doing it for free. That's right, if you use Lightroom's Smart Previews to send your images, there is no FTP charge. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide culling for orders that are sent in via Smart Previews.

Preparing your Lightroom catalog for Fotofafa

  1. Create a new catalog. The name of the catalog should be "[ORDER NAME] LR"
  2. Import only the images you are sending to Fotofafa into the catalog.
  3. Select all of the images, and click Library > Previews > Build Smart Previews
  4. Zip together the catalog (ending in ".lrcat") and the Smart Preview (ending in "Smart Previews.lrdata") files and send these to us.

Alternative Method: If you use one main catalog for all events, you can use the "Export as Catalog" option within the File menu (be sure to check "Build/ Include Smart Previews) in place of steps 1-3.

Receiving your edited Lightroom catalog from Fotofafa

  1. Download, open, and unzip the catalog you received from Fotofafa.
  2. Wait for the previews to render. To force all of them to render, choose "Render Standard Sized Previews" from the Library menu.