We specialize in providing Color Correction and Post Production services for the Wedding and Portrait photographer

“…your edits are amazing and your customer service is ace… – Leeallenphotography


We get called a lot of names here at Fotofafa, Post Production Experts, Color Genies, Editing Gurus. Life Savers. Trust us, we’ve heard it all. The short and sweet is that we handle all of your post production so you don’t have to.

The company was born in 2009. Our office is located in Fullerton, CA and we are just like you. We get it! Fotofafa is owned and operated by photographers for photographers. With years of experience shooting weddings, portraits, engagement sessions we understand what you and your clients are looking for.

Our goal is to offer you great color and retouching services backed up by awesome customer service.

“…your work is saving my life this month… – Chloé Browne

Our team

William Innes

William Innes

Managing Partner

Kenneth Brady

Kenneth Brady

Co Founder - Operations

Tiffany Monroy

Tiffany Monroy

Head of Customer Service

“…you have just lifted a huuuuge weight off my shoulders… – Sara Wilde

“…came back from Italy to 2 perfect weddings… – mustard seed photo
“…got my samples back and I’m in LOVE… – Sidney Morgan